Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Terry Blount's 10 fearless racing predictions for 2010 -

The powers-that-be here at the ESPN mother ship have talked me into another prediction column for 2010.

Sure, no problem, even though these are the kind of things that can make you look like a blithering idiot at the end of the year.

Someone always remembers, taking enormous joy in pointing out how I predicted something about someone that turned out to be about as accurate as a tee shot in a hurricane.

That's OK. I'm game to look into my Magic 8 Ball (yes, I'm old enough to remember those) and make 10 calculated guesses about the upcoming year in racing.

Some will surprise you; some won't. A few will make you angry; a few might make you smile, depending on your point of view and your driver loyalties.

So here goes:

Terry Blount's 10 fearless racing predictions for 2010 -

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